Peachland Real Estate



Eagle's View Townhomes
4350 Ponderosa Drive, Peachland

Property Features
3 Levels ,Exceptional Lakeview
Size -1218- 1892 sq ft
Fitness Centre, RV Parking
Strata Fees $175.00 to $250.00
Gated, Single Garage- 1 Pet
4350 Ponderosa Drive, Peachland,BC

Ponderosa Townhomes
4000 Trails Place, Peachland

Property Features
4 different layouts, ranchers to 2 levels
1239- 2526 sq ft
Built 2014, two pets, double garage (most) 
Golf Course 2019- 9 holes opening
Lakeview , mountain view
Strata $172- $326.00
4000 Trails Place, Peachland,BC

Island Villa Townhomes
5165 Trepanier Bench Road, Peachland

Property Features
Rancher with basement, walk ups
Sizes 2174 sq ft to 2650 sq ft
Exceptional Lakeview
Firness Crt, Meeting Room
One pet ,Strata fees $140.00
5165 Trepanier Bench Road, Peachland,BC

Lakeview Estates
4356 Beach Avenue, Peachland

Property Features
Semi- Lakeshore on Beach
Sizes 1639 sq ft to 2180 sq ft
 3 levels,  modern
 Starta Fees
 1 pet
4356 Beach Avenue, Peachland,BC

Chateau on the Lake
4340 Beach Avenue

Property Features
Semi Lakeshore on Beach
Sizes 1171 sq ft to 1250 sq ft
One Pet, no rentals, storage units
Strata Fees
4340 Beach Avenue, Peachland,BC

Lakeshore Gardens
3996 Beach Avenue

Property Features
Semi Lakeshore on Beach
1165 sq ft to 1683 sq ft
Swmiiming Pool, Hot Tub, Fitness
Strata Fees  $263.00 to $343.00
3996 Beach Avenue, Peachland,BC

The Gateway
4200 Beach Avenue

Property Features
Semi Lakeshore on Beach
Sizes 1573 to 2680 sq ft
No Pets or Rentals, Rec Crt, Party Rm
Strata Fees $441.00 to $753.00
4200 Beach Avenue, Peachland,BC

The Beach House
4026 Beach Avenue

Property Features
Semi Lakeshore on Beach
Sizes 1863 sq ft to 2024 sq ft
 Very Modern, Exceptional Living
 2 levels, one pet
 Strata Fees $243- $288
4026 Beach Avenue, Peachland,BC

The Terraces
5300 Huston Road

Property Features
Ranchers with basement, walkups
Sizes 2000- 2800 sq ft
Strata Fees $149.00 
One pet, no age restrictions
5200 Huston Road, Peachland,BC

Okanagan Ridge
5970 Princess Avenue

Property Features
Affordable Retirement living, 55+
Lakeview, carport with Storage
2 levels, bedroom on lower
Strata Fees  $245.00
5970 Princess Street, Peachland,BC

Chateau on the Green
4440-70 Ponderosa Drive

Property Features
Rancher with basements, 2nd level units
Sizes 1282 to 2400 sq ft
Lakeview, age 19+ one pet
 Strata fees $271.00, heat/water inc
4470 Ponderosa Drive, Peachland,BC

Creekside Landing
3456 Clements Avenue

Property Features
3 level tomehomes, behind IGA
Sizes 1494 to 1814 sq ft
Strata Fees $192.00
Close to the elementary school
5460 Clements Crescent, Peachland,BC

Gable Shores
4056 Beach Avenue

Property Features
Semi Lakeshore on Beach
Strata Fees
 One pet
4056 Beach Avenue, Peachland,BC

Chateau on the Ridge
4630 Ponderosa Drive

Property Features
Highest Townhome in Peachland
Sizes 1174- 1162 sq ft
Carport, 1 pet,
Strata Fees $245.00

Peachtree Village
4026 Beach Avenue

Property Features
To be Built 2018-2019
Semi Lakeshore on Beach
Sizes and Prices TBA
Strata Fees TBA

StoneWater Townhomes
5235 Buchanan Road

Property Features
Lake Shore Townhomes
Dock stall included
Sizes 2237-2720 sq ft
Strata Fees $315.00

Jackson Cove
1245 Bucanhan Road, Peachland 

Property Features
Lakeshore Condo's
Private Beach
Sizes 1825 sq ft
Strata Fees $367.00

Peachland Mobile Homes Parks

Trepanier Creek MHP
1245 Childey Road, Peachland

Property Features
MHP off Hwy 97, beside IGA, shopping
Easy Access to park, lakefront
Creek Feature
Pad Rentals, One pet

Edgewater Pines/Antler
6663 Hwy 97 South

Propety Features
Hwy 97- 4 km south of Peachland
Atler Beach across the Hwy
Creek and Lake features
Pad Rentals, one pet- 55+

Princeton MHP
2345 Princton Road, Princeton

Property Features
Located top of Princeton Road
Some units with Lakeview
Well maintained MHP, 55+
 Pad Rentals, One pet