Peachland Real Estate



Important Topics

1. Introduce Myself and Listen to your Requirements & Wish List

2. Set you up a active list of potential properties to review.

3. New to the Area, a guided tour of the local neighborhoods

4. Tour you thru all the properties that interest you.

5. I also add to your list, any properties I think that will wow you!

6. If successful of finding your dream property, proceed to offer

7. Negotiate the best price possible for you on the property.

8. Assist you in the closing process, such as reviewing titles, property disclosure statements, home inspection reports, insurance, and ensuring a smooth real estate buying experience.

I do all of the above, with no obligation to buy a property, but should you decide to proceed upon review of my services, I be happy to put my 20 years experience to work for you.  Using a local agent is so important, every house has a story and past, future developments and community events, houses coming on the market that are available, before they are listed on the MLS, are all part of being a great agent and adding value to your buying experience.

1. Reviewing online or in person (available) properties for sale.

2. Making a list of potential properties that are of interest

3. Agent makes appointments to view all properties.

4. Tour of properties & areas in which they reside

5. If the one is found, proceed to offer, if not we keep looking

6.  Pre -Approval for financing is always a good idea

7.  Dwelling is important, but also area ( commute, shopping etc)

8. A great agent will advise and provide actual data, that supports you offer amount and final accepted price.

9. Using one local agent to view homes is a good idea, the agent as mentioned before will know the history, and help you in getting the best price, once you employ a buyers agent, they are 110% committed to your interests, and may know a house coming up on the market, your unaware of. 

If you like me to be your buyers agent, please feel free to send me a quick message, or give me a call at 250-826-2047